Spotted – David Rintoul (Darcy 1980)

Don’t you love when you spot your favorite Jane Austen actors (as I all every single actor that has acted in one of her adaptations) in a different production?

I spotted Mr. Rintoul in a production of Agatha Christie’s “The Mysterious Affair at Styles“from 1990, 10 years after he had played our Mr. Darcy. He was still dashing, don’t you think? Maybe even more so? Take a look at some screen shots below.

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He plays Mr. John Cavendish – arrested for the murder of his stepmother in order to take over his inheritance. Do you think he did it? Well, call Hercule Poirot to the rescue! It is available on Amazon here:

Have you spotted him anywhere else? If so leave a comment. I would love to know. But we are not done with this wonderful adaptation of Agatha Christie’s first book. Just wait and see (next post) who plays his brother Lawrence Cavendish. I promise you it is another dear actor to us from Pride & Prejudice 1995.

Here is some images as Mr. Rintoul as Mr. Darcy for your amusement if you are a fan of his Darcy:

Don’t worry. I will be posting the other one very soon. Just a little patience, my darlings!


You can also buy the DVD or watch the 1980 of Pride & Prejudice on Amazon (link below):

7 thoughts on “Spotted – David Rintoul (Darcy 1980)

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  1. Sorry, couldn’t wait! Had to look it up on IMDb, so I know now who it is, but I won’t give away any spoilers, Rita. What an interesting connection the two have!

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  2. P.S. I’ve been having an Austen DVD marathon recently (hubby was overseas for three weeks) and it’s amazing how many times actors turn up n different dramatisations over the years. Blake Ritson and Jonny Lee Miller are probably the most well known but there’s many, many more!

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  3. Ho visto da poco la serie del 1980 e trovo David Rintoul meravigliosamente affascinante. Esageratamente altezzoso forse, ma molto coinvolgente. Il mio preferito.

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