Helping a Janeite Spread the Love for Reading

You may know me for My Jane Austen Book Club blog and Facebook page or FLY HIGH!


Also from “The Everything Austen Daily” or “A Sassenach’s Journal” or any other of my several online activities. My name is Maria Grazia Spila and I deeply love Jane Austen and everything British. That’s me below enjoying the wonderful Jane Austen related sites in Bath and visiting Chawton – Jane Austen’s House Museum.


I am an English teacher here in Italy (you can see me and some of my students pictured on the top) and blogging is my main hobby.  What  you probably don’t know is  that among my several interests, I’ve been part of an  annual literary event called “Fieramente il Libro”, which takes place here in Subiaco (picture below), my hometown, in June. Due to the current lack of public funds and the difficulty to find sponsors, we decided to create a crowdfunding campaign online  called Fieramente il libro.

Fieramente il libro is a literary festival in its fifth year in Subiaco, 72 km from Rome. We are all volunteers and our activities have been so far mainly financed thanks to our creativity or to generous sponsors, not always easy to find  since we deal in … books! That’s why I’m here:  we need the support of all Janeites or any book lover willing to help us to go on with our work  focused on spreading the love for reading and books. Even a tiny amount could be precious to us.

This year we have 2 new projects involving local schools and we have planned to give books or gift cards to the young participants:

Project 1 – “GROWING UP WRITING”  for 10-11 year old kids : the best stories, fables, fairy-tales  will be awarded gift cards to buy books.

Project 2 – “KEEP ON WRITING”  how to write a narrative reportage  for 17-18 year old students: the best reportage will be awarded gift cards to buy books.

Fieramente il Libro depends on any little act of generosity from our friends and acquaintances. If you, like me, believe in the value of culture and the importance of reading as the highest means for its transmission, I’m asking you to click on this link  and to dedicate few minutes of your precious time to our projects. Make sure to scroll down for the English version!!!

Thanking you in advance for any help you’ll choose to give us.


Maria Grazia

To keep up with Maria Grazia Spila and her passion for Jane Austen and all things book related or if you want to join her Jane Austen group in Italy follow these links.









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