Jane Austen Workshop

This is my first workshop about Jane Austen on Zoom LIVE! Most people think they know Jane Austen but have some misconceptions about how she lived and became a best-seller novelist in her own time. I’ll cover the most important facts of her life. This workshop is not for Jane Austen Experts but if you are one, you’re more than welcome to join us.

Introducing Jane Austen

Who Am I?

I am a Jane Austen fan that likes to meet other Jane Austen fans to connect, share, learn all things Jane Austen, and at the same time, create a safe space for the fans to express themselves and create a community of like-minded people. For almost 10 years I was the administrator of the page All Things Jane Austen on Facebook and also the All Things Jane Austen Group. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control I no longer have access to them (nor does anybody else). So I created a new page and a new group both called AUSTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The name says it all. There is zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, and offensive behavior. If this community is not for you this class is not either. There is room for all of us on the web. I believe Jane Austen is for EVERYONE.

Image by Georgie Castilla  @Duniath Comics for Cassandra’s Closet@cassiescostumes

What would I like to offer?

I would like to show you all kinds of things about Jane Austen in a fun and interactive way WITHOUT extensive reading! What? How preposterous one might think. But let us be honest. Who has the time to sit, seep tea in a pretty gown, outside in the shade, or inside sconced in a lovely chair to read all the books we need to read? Just a few lucky ones. The rest of us are extremely busy just trying to survive our own life and the digital turmoil the internet can bring.

I have the answer!

I am going to start introducing Jane Austen to you slowly and gradually with interesting activities that will, hopefully, transport you to her time, her history, her favorite pastimes, favorite novels, well… your happy place (at least, it is mine)! I will do my best to create an informal conversation about one or more books that will help will discover who she truly was. And let me tell you, she was amazing beyond your imagination!

Why should I pay for it?

There is an overload of information about Jane Austen on the worldwide (wild) web. You are free to browse, no problem. However, wouldn’t it be nice if someone carefully crafted easy-going lessons in a safe environment saving you all the trouble? I also have to pay my bills and hopefully make many trips to Jane Austen’s England taking you with me. The possibilities are endless. Another reason is that we really commit when we pay for something. It’s a way to make yourself accountable for your own plans and dreams.

 Introducing Jane Austen

Take a look at the list below what I am bringing to you on this first (of five) workshop. 

  • Historical introduction to her birth and family members
  • How she grew up and came to be such a beloved creature
  • Her romantic life
  • Publishing her books
  • Jane & Music
  • The businesswoman
  • Her untimely death 
  • Her fandom and superstar status

DATE: 2/12/2022 @ 3PM EST

This workshop kicks off SATURDAY – February 12th, 2022

with a 2-hour live stream zoom call. Don’t worry if you miss it – you will also receive the recording!

Check this out!

Bonus #1

  • If you miss the LIVE event, you will have access to the recording to watch later.

Bonus #2

  • Two pages of printable vintage images from Regency-era from Thoughtful Creative are included!

Bonus #3

PDF file with images galore from a drawing of the house where she grew up to pictures of her suitors and many more. You can use that to follow the class and save for a special notebook or you can cut out and transform it in your favorite craft project!

Special Perks

  • 10% of the proceedings will be given to the Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, England.


  • You will be entered in a contest to win a handmade Jane Austen doll (picture below). The rules will be revealed during the workshop.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions feel free to email me at rita@allthingsjaneausten.net or find me on Facebook as Rita L. Watts (personal profile) and AUSTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE (page and group). You also follow me on Instagram @ritawatts12 and send me a direct message. Thank you for your time!

Lots of love (and jumping up and down with excitement),

Rita L. Watts

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  1. how exciting Rita I can’t wait until Saturday this workshop is gonna be so good for me I know very little about the lovely Jane Austen! hugs Donna

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