Jane Austen Heritage Dinner

Join Jane Austen’s family for a Regency inspired dinner at their ancestral home.

A letter from Jane’s fifth niece to you! She invites you for an amazing event and you can enjoy either in person or see what you are going to miss. Below you will find delicious-looking pictures of delicious-looking dishes. If you can’t make it this year there is always hope it happens again next year. 

invite plate

“You are invited to join my family for dinner at Jane Austen’s ‘Great House’, owned by Jane’s brother and my 4th great grandfather Edward Austen Knight.

I have created a menu using recipes and flavours from my family’s 18th century cookbook. Each dish is inspired by the food eaten by Jane herself and dishes mentioned in her novels and letters.

Sit at the same table as Jane Austen and enjoy a private viewing of family heirlooms not on show to the public.

I will be your host for the evening with my parents Jeremy and Carol Knight, and my brother, Paul Edward Knight.”

Caroline Jane Knight, Jane Austen’s fifth great niece


At 7pm on Friday 21st June 2019 you will have:

  • Champagne reception in the Great Hall
  • Short talk about Regency dining traditions and etiquette
  • First course of 12 dishes served Regency style
  • Exclusive viewing of Austen Knight family heirlooms
  • Second course of 12 dishes served
  • Ladies retire for Madeira and gentlemen remain for port
  • Professional photography to remember your experience

THE MENU (Enjoy!):

Mr. Tilney’s Venison Pasties

Mr Tilney's Venison Pasties

Bath Buns

Bath Buns

Mr. Bingley’s Netherfield Ball White Soup

Mr Bingley's Netherfield Ball White Soup

Doses of Rhubaarb and Jelly

Pheasant & Mr. Martin’s Pickled Walnut Pie



Miss Bates Baked Apples

Miss Bates Baked Apples

Chawton gooseberry cream without cream


Mrs. Bennet’s Partridge with Lavender Stuffing

Mrs Bennet's Partridge with Hampshire Lavender Stuffing

Mr. Knightley’s Strawberries Tarts


Champagne, wine, cordials and traditional madeira.







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