Ode to Lady Catherine – Part II

One day Elizabeth crossed Lady Catherine’s path

Nobody could ever imagine the aftermath

The two ladies had an unusual conversation

One that gave everybody great palpitations


Mr. Collins managed to be subservient and the same time so proud

Better than the Lady only (maybe) the Being above the clouds.

He knew how lucky he was with such benevolence

To be bestowed a parsonage to harbor his petulance


Now his cousin could damage his reputation

He knew he could be tainted by association

What to do? How could he explain Elizabeth didn’t matter?

By the end of the conversation his nerves were in tatters


Run and hide, at her sight, grown men will

But our Elizabeth was prepared for the drill

For she was not one of common intellect;

She was bold, fearless, polite but direct.


She faced the great dame with no fear, but due respect

Leaving the Lady to consider a different prospect;

Something she could not remember to have done

Many years since her late husband had gone.


Mr. Collins had his mouth frozen in mid air

His patroness disrespected in her own lair.

That surely could not to be borne

His cousin had to go back to Longbourn.


What a decided young woman! Such a strong sense of self,

Not ashamed to reveal her own mother’s failures herself.

She stated that all four sisters were out in society,

Apparently, her mother did not care for propriety.


The Lady asked the young lady to stay longer

Elizabeth did not even stop to ponder.

She said her father missed having her about

The Lady was left quite put out!






2 thoughts on “Ode to Lady Catherine – Part II

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  1. “Something she could not remember to have done
    Many years since her late husband had gone.” – LOL
    I wonder what Sir Lewis de Bourgh was like. And dear oh dear, poor Mr Collins, to see his patroness disrespected in her own lair! So funny! Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

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