Ode To Lady Catherine – Part I

At Rosings Park lived a great lady

Heiress to a noble legacy, maybe

Everything around her was opulent

Inside her, however, quite malevolent


The lady praised herself without shame

None of her bad manners was hers to blame

No matter how richly her house was designed

Finesse was something still to be desired


Especially for those who she held close

This lady could not help but always impose

None of them would imagine against her speak

Not to her face, not in a whisper, one critique


No one she knew would dare

Call that creature less than fair

Tis’ true she is a lady in her right

But to everyone she is quite a fright.


Her disdain for others not ever disguised

She knew not that in secret she was often despised

The Lady believed she was a gift to her neighborhood

Surrounded by sycophants little she understood


All the people that gravitated around her

Tried to avoid her evil character

Because If not hers, no opinion mattered

Her shrieking voice crystal and dreams shattered.

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