Promoting Literacy in Honor of Jane Austen


All Things Jane Austen reached 30,000 likes. To celebrate, All Things Jane Austen has become the first page and site to officially support the aims and work of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, and will help promote literacy, in honor of Jane.

To show our support, All Things Jane Austen will display a ‘Promoting Literacy Badge’. If you would like to display a badge on your site or page to help the foundation promote literacy, in honour of Jane, please contact us via our website:

A note from Caroline Jane Knight -founder of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation:

Thank you to Rita L. Watts for launching a new program for us today – Austen Community Influencers. And congratulations for reaching 30,000 likes, a great achievement.

We want to encourage other Jane Austen related sites and pages to carry the ‘promoting literacy badge’ to demonstrate the communities support for literacy and the foundation – this will demonstrate the support we have and make it easier to negotiate fund raising, sponsorship, etc. If the community display the badge, we can easily demonstrate our reach is far greater.

If any of you are willing to display the badge on your website, blog, or social media, please contact me  ( and I’ll send you the badge and info to go with it.

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