Where has Jane Austen taken you?

Jane Austen took me back to England, a place I call home as well since I lived there for a entire school year in 1991. Yes. I am that old. Or young. If you are a Janeite you will say young because there is no limit of age for the flights of fancy you take when you decide to follow the Janeite crowd. Many wonderful things happened to me but I cannot share them all at once. Today I want to share a delightful video my friends made for me all the way from England because I could not be there with them. One of them I have not even met in person. That is what Jane does to people. She connects us in such a deep level you are best friends with someone you never even met.

I met Cassandra Grafton online (on Facebook) because I just had to tell her how much I loved her trilogy based on Pride & Prejudice – A Fair Prospect. Once we started talking we never stopped. I don’t know how long we have been friends but I am sure Facebook will let me know one of these days. LOL. I eventually met her in person in a wonderful, however, hectic, trip to England last year and now she has published a new book with Ada Bright. I wish I could go back to Bath less than a year later to be present at the book launch but life happens. So this is what they did. Arent’t they adorable?

Link to A Fair Prospect:.https://amzn.com/B00GGMXRCY

Link to The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen:  https://amzn.com/B01H4XOWZO



The things that can happen to you when you go online looking for Jane Austen.

  • You can join a group or 147.
  • You can meet people from all over the world.
  • You might meet people that live close to you that also LOVE Jane Austen.
  • You can end up making a Regency gown (or buying one).
  • You can end up buying a bonnet eventually.
  • You can find out that you cannot live without Jane Austen Fan Fiction anymore!
  • You can actually start chatting with your favorite authors.
  • You can make new best friends forever.
  • You can end up visiting a different country.
  • You might start a page on Facebook and then a blog!
  • The page might grow and grow and grow!
  • Your new friends might write a new book.
  • You might be invited for the launch party.
  • You might not go because it is in England.
  • You might beg them to make a video for you.
  • They might even do it and make your day, month or year!

Now tell me what has happened to you what are the things or places you now know because of Jane?

7 thoughts on “Where has Jane Austen taken you?

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  1. We had SO much fun making video clips, Rita! Thank you for asking us to do some for you.

    Thank you to Ada for helping me do something so totally out of my comfort zone, to Ada’s husband for the actual recording, direction and soundtrack (he’s awesome), to Julia for the book additions and to you, Rita, for the funny and informative titles etc AND for letting us visit you on your fabulous Blog yet again!!!!

    Happy Monday!!!

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  2. What happened to me? I went to the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville KY with two women I met on Facebook. Bought 2 regency gowns (day and ball). Bought a bonnet! Danced all but two dances at the Ball. Discovered your blog and won a book!

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  3. Hey! Look who finally figured out her wordpress password ;). Thank you Rita, I really do feel as if we’ve already met, but I so look forward to meeting you for REAL soon. Until then, we’re obviously meant to be friends!

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