Austenistan – Jane Austen’s novels inspires women in Pakistan

Inspired by Jane Austen and set in contemporary Pakistan and England, Austenistan is a collection of seven stories; romantic, uplifting, witty and also, heartbreaking. These seven writers from Pakistan celebrate and pay homage to the queen of British Literature. They prove that Jane Austen is alive and kicking 200 years after her death and not just in English speaking countries but in the four corners of the world.

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Cover Reveal! JANE & ME: My Austen Heritage

Caroline Jane Knight shares more than Jane Austen’s name and DNA. As a direct descendant of Jane’s brother, Edward Knight, Caroline is the last of the Austen Knight family to grow up at Chawton House on the estate where Jane Austen lived and enjoyed the most productive period of her writing career. Caroline explored the same places around Chawton House and its grounds as Jane did, dined at the same table in the same dining room, read in the same library and shared the same dream of independence.

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway – A Quest for Mr. Darcy by Cass Grafton

THE BOOK: A Quest for Mr. Darcy

Fitzwilliam Darcy is on a quest. Convinced he is over his foolish infatuation with Elizabeth Bennet, he returns from a year of travelling with a plan, both to protect the estate of which he is guardian and to ensure his sister’s happiness: he intends to do his duty and secure a wife at the earliest opportunity.

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