Cover Reveal! JANE & ME: My Austen Heritage

Caroline Jane Knight shares more than Jane Austen’s name and DNA. As a direct descendant of Jane’s brother, Edward Knight, Caroline is the last of the Austen Knight family to grow up at Chawton House on the estate where Jane Austen lived and enjoyed the most productive period of her writing career. Caroline explored the same places around Chawton House and its grounds as Jane did, dined at the same table in the same dining room, read in the same library and shared the same dream of independence.


Portrait of Edward Knight – Jane Austen’s Brother 

Caroline’s early life was filled with the delights of living in a sixteenth-century English manor, the good cheer of family gatherings and centuries-old Christmas traditions in the Great Hall of Chawton House, the beauty of a country life, and the joys of helping her Granny bake cakes and serve Jane Austen devotees in the Chawton House tea room.


But when she was seventeen, Caroline and her family were forced to leave the home her family had lived in for centuries. Heartbroken, but determined to leave all things Austen behind her, Caroline eventually carved out a highly successful career in business.

This is the story of Caroline’s tumultuous journey to success, her ultimate crisis, her rediscovery and embrace of her Austen heritage, and the creation of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation. The last close family memoir, ‘My Aunt Jane Austen’ was written by Caroline Austen in 1867. Jane & Me: My Austen Heritage finishes off 700 years of family history in Chawton, last documented by Montagu Knight in 1911.

Source: Amazon and the author herself

15% of profits of this book will go to the


I’ve had already the pleasure of reading this amazing book and have the honor of being part of one of the story she tells in the end of the book. What a happy circumstance for any Janeite.

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  1. Thanks for the cover reveal, Rita. I’ve just read the free sample of the beginning of the book, available on Amazon, and it looks to be a fascinating read. I may just be spending part of an Amazon gift voucher I received recently on the full hardback version!

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    1. Hi Anji, I’m glad you enjoyed the free sample of the book, I have tried to share as best as I can what it was like growing up in our ancestral home in Chawton and the legacy of great-aunt Jane. I hope you enjoy it, Caroline

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