Walking in Jane Austen’s Garden

Yes, that is me (video below) walking around precious ground, almost sacred for Janeites all over the world. The ones that have had the luck of doing so, know we can feel her presence anywhere in Chawton. It is like she whispers to you “Hello, I am here with you and very happy with your visit. Please take your time and enjoy my little piece of paradise on Earth.”  A bit eerie but in a good way. It feels like you are in a magic place, like if you close your eyes and wish hard enough you will wake up in the 1800’s with Jane living right there.

A wonderful joy took over me. That is the reason why I am grinning the entire time. I guess it was to compensate all the crying the day before. Only on the second visit I had the energy to dress up and take pictures. I had my improvised Regency outfit put on 2 hours before breakfast because I was too excited to sleep another minute. Cass (Grafton) and I had breakfast at the lovely St. Mary’s Hall where we were staying. Shockingly, I managed not to spill anything on my dress. Nothing short of a small miracle. At least, that was what my husband would say since he is always laughing at the mess on my side of the table when we are eating out.

If this were a novel it would say that I did not have any appetite due to the excitement of the day to come. After all, it was December 16th (last year) – her birthday! No, if I refuse to eat, go ahead and take me to the hospital. Something is wrong. Good thing the breakfast at St. Mary’s Hall is exquisite and so is the hostess – another prize hidden in this wonderful trip. Click on the link to visit her site.


8 thoughts on “Walking in Jane Austen’s Garden

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  1. ‘Wet’ is an understatement! LOL

    it was a magical day, with typically English winter weather, but such a special time, and to be there with you on Jane Austen’s birthday made it perfect!

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